Member Relationships

When you know your members well, your credit union becomes the best institution to help them achieve their financial goals. Fiserv helps deepen member relationships so credit unions can earn and retain more of their members' business.

Our Solution

With Fiserv, credit union leadership can unlock deep, data-driven knowledge of members to improve interactions with them, keep them engaged, and provide the right offers and opportunities to help members advance and achieve financial success.

Credit Sense

Credit Sense℠ from Fiserv provides credit scores to members when they log in to online or mobile banking. The solution expands their financial education and awareness while allowing delivery of targeted, appropriate marketing offers from you, their trusted credit union.

Integrator Advance

Integrator Advance™ from Fiserv delivers the tools you need to strengthen ties with members and ensure profitable growth. Leverage Integrator Advance to interpret and act on member data to expand relationships and drive growth through effective offers for products and services.

Next Multi-Channel Marketing

Next Multi-Channel Marketing from Fiserv enables you to make every member interaction an opportunity to present targeted product offers and service messages – no matter how the members connect with your credit union.

Notifi Real-Time Experiences

With Notifi real-time experiences, accountholders benefit from transaction and balance change alerts as they occur, while being protected from account takeovers and other cybercrime activities.

Prism Analytics

With Prism Analytics™ for Credit Unions from Fiserv, you can easily identify your most profitable members, optimize marketing programs, and develop and deliver a highly relevant member experience to grow your business.

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