Prism Analytics

Prism Analytics™ for Credit Unions from Fiserv delivers advanced member relationship management tools to help credit unions grow.


Prism Analytics, an easy-to-use Web-based solution, features sophisticated relationship management tools that empower credit unions to increase profitability and enhance member service. Prism Analytics features useful analytic tools, including member retention predictors, cross-sell product preferences and look-alike model generation, to help you identify prospects who share the same characteristics as your credit union’s most profitable members and households.

Data Management

A challenge credit unions face is the ability to manage all data available across the enterprise. Prism Analytics provides data management tools to centralize data, allowing use of member account, behavioral and transactional data to create a comprehensive 360-degree view of your members and their households.


Prism Analytics lets you manage profitability and facilitate growth by showing which members, households, products and branches are most profitable, and provides valuable product recommendations using propensity analytics to help you expand member wallet share and profitability.

Campaign Management

Prism Analytics combines existing member and non-member data with a series of third-party user demographics and preferences to build a single database for creating strategic marketing campaigns.

Automated Workflow Tools

Unique business process management tools in Prism Analytics allow for customized workflow processes, using decisioning and escalation components to ensure timely member follow up and dashboards to measure the quality of the member experience.

Sales Referral and Incentives

Many credit unions have developed a retail sales culture by tracking referrals and paying employees for their successes. Prism Analytics integrates real-time workflows, reporting and analytics to automate tracking and measurement of referrals and incentives, saving hundreds of hours per year.


  • The point-of-service feature gives tellers, member service representatives and other staff an analysis of the retention risk of each member
  • The report manager not only provides standard reports, but gives step-by-step instructions on how to create, format and publish tabular reports, charts and graphs
  • The campaign manager includes an ROI calculator to compare campaign costs and associated revenues to calculated estimated returns on investment
  • The profit manager lets you leverage profit data to segment and analyze members into target groups for marketing and sales programs
  • Sales incentive tracking offers custom tables that store the relationship of roles, products, incentives and goals to track campaign successes
  • Integration to Next Multi-Channel Marketing from Fiserv provides more strategic marketing campaigns and operational information to the member via electronic channels

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