Notifi Real-Time Experiences

NotifiSM Alerts, Notifi Detect and Notifi Events from Fiserv help financial institutions exceed consumer expectations for immediate, connected and secure experiences woven through their lives every day.

With Notifi real-time experiences, accountholders benefit from transaction and balance change alerts as they occur, while being protected from account takeovers and other cybercrime activities.

Financial institutions benefit from increased efficiencies, saving time, money and resources and streamlining processes. Notifi lets you transform the everyday relationship with your customers or members into a proactive, engaging relationship – while simultaneously lowering costs and complying with regulation.

The intelligent experiences that we want for our customers are real-time alerts. We want them to better manage their money so they can see what they are doing with their accounts and how their funds are being managed, and the Notifi solution helps them do that.

– Ron Strand-Sorell, SVP, COO, Axiom Bank

Observe and Communicate in Real Time

NotifiSM Alerts

Notifi Alerts ensures accountholders know about banking transactions and balance updates to their retail and business accounts the moment they occur.

Notifi Detect

Notifi Detect helps protect bank customers or credit union members from account takeovers and other cybercrime activities by analyzing address, phone and email changes, leveraging massive databases and context-aware scoring – in real time.

Notifi Events

Notifi Events collects activity from myriad core and digital channels to deepen consumer insights, elevate user experiences, streamline partner programs and unify enterprise communications – all while optimizing resources and personnel.

Listen to What Financial Institutions Are Saying About Notifi Alerts

Real time is here to stay. Notifi provides the immediate action consumers expect and want. 

After a smooth deployment, Notifi created instant customer connections.

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