Next Multi-Channel Marketing

Use Next Multi-Channel Marketing from Fiserv and leverage your existing ATM, voice response, in-branch, mobile and home banking channels to deliver personalized product cross-sell offers and service messages.


Next Multi-Channel Marketing from Fiserv turns your financial institution’s service channels into opportunities for cross-selling products and strengthening relationships. When a member or customer accesses your financial institution's services, it creates a "golden moment," regardless of the service channel, for you to interact with that member or customer. By linking to lending, email or contact management systems, you can configure a unique fulfillment method for each offer.

Next Multi-Channel Marketing allows the coordinated and centralized targeted delivery of offers and services messages across all channels via a single administration application. And it provides instant fulfillment of offers through campaign completion options that can be real time and automated.

Individualized messaging, such as a special note on a customer's or member’s birthday, product adoption acknowledgment, consumer education, or timely service alerts, helps strengthen relationships with your financial institution.

Next Multi-Channel Marketing makes better use of sales and marketing resources by effectively using your existing electronic channels. Through its use, your financial institution could see improved product sales and a more efficient use of marketing dollars. The cost of deploying Next Multi-Channel Marketing is similar to running a single traditional advertising campaign.

The Next Multi-Channel Marketing reporting feature tracks your sales performance statistics and individual member/customer responses by channel, location and time-of-day. It also enables you to schedule reports for automatic delivery in your choice of six different formats.


  • Enhanced competence and confidence: Tellers can refer to sales scripts and product recommendations provided at their stations
  • Ease of use: Seamless integration with the account processing platform
  • Personalized service: Your staff can better meet member and customer needs by quickly understanding what offers are "fresh," while avoiding irrelevant offers
  • Elimination of redundant, irrelevant offers: If your member or customer accepts or rejects a particular offer, Next Multi-Channel Marketing won't offer it again
  • Higher response rate: Financial institutions using Next Multi-Channel Marketing have seen a tenfold sales increase compared to traditional marketing campaigns
  • Savings: Promoting money-saving services, such as electronic statements, can save your financial institution thousands of dollars each year

A number of Fiserv solutions can be used in relation to Next Multi-Channel Marketing that strengthen operational efficiency, and create an unrivaled customer/member experience, including CheckFree® RXP® for electronic billing and payments and Configure Digital for Corillian for online banking.

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