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A scalable, flexible bank platform can help you enhance performance across your organization and create the best banking experience for your employees and customers. Whether you are a growing de novo bank, a large, multinational financial institution or a non-traditional banking organization, Fiserv has a bank platform that fits your needs.


The scalable capabilities within Fiserv bank platforms provide the foundation to combine technology in new ways to enable real-time alerts, real-time fraud detection, and enhanced banker mobility and flexibility. You can improve your customers' experiences by providing consistent performance across multiple channels with our unified environment.

Our uniquely integrated approach and commitment to openness helps financial institutions gain significant efficiencies, better leverage the information in your enterprise and introduce new technology to customers faster than ever – helping you remain competitive, differentiate yourself in the market and grow your business.

Choose a bank platform that fits your needs and strategies, available for in-house or outsourced processing. Each platform has a combination of services and features as unique as the needs of your organization, whether your institution is a de novo or holds billions of dollars in assets. We offer:

  • Innovation: Our advanced bank platforms provide financial institutions with the features and tools you need to effectively compete
  • Integration and openness: Fiserv integration capabilities empower you with standards-based, state-of-the-art integration to both Fiserv best-in-class and third-party solutions – helping you create unique customer experiences and pursue open banking strategies to grow your business
  • Insights and experience: Delight customers with the convenience, consistency and connectedness they increasingly demand. Our bank platforms enable financial institutions to increase growth and generate loyalty by providing employees and customers with real-time data across multiple channels


  • Robust, market-proven technologies designed specifically for banking yield reliability and peace of mind
  • Comprehensive solutions that support a full range of banking functions deliver convenience
  • Scalability accommodates your future growth
  • Ability to customize processes and product offerings gives your organization flexibility
  • Full views of customer relationships help to improve customer service and profitability
  • Data management capabilities support compliance and sound business decisions

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A scalable, modern bank platform can help you enhance performance across your organization and create the best banking experience for your employees and customers.

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