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Precision Bank Platform

Precision® from Fiserv is an integrated, end-to-end bank platform that helps optimize business processes, grow revenue and drive efficiency. Precision supports new account and transaction processing, document management and imaging, online banking, business intelligence and risk management. It can be deployed in-house or as an outsourced solution.

The most successful financial institutions stay one step ahead of market demands, anticipating customers' needs before they do. Precision supports many progressive and profitable banks, thrifts and credit unions with a sophisticated, reliable and flexible bank platform, impeccable vendor support and scalable banking solutions that keep up with growth spurts.

What if your business strategy changes? Whether that means switching to offsite processing or integrating a new third-party application, you want a platform that supports change without big costs. Fiserv can help.

Our Solution

Precision supports many progressive and profitable banks, thrifts and credit unions with a sophisticated, reliable and flexible bank platform. The advanced tools and award-winning support we offer give you everything necessary to build a world-class financial institution. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Experience: Our experienced banking and technical staff are here to support you; we offer a 24/7 service option
  • Technical support: The Precision development platform from Progress Software Corporation, IBM pSeries servers and AIX operating systems support an on-demand environment and offer a low-cost entry point, fast deployment, efficient scalability and lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • No hassles: Switching between processing options is not expensive. We offer seamless migration between Precision in-house and outsourced processing. You can also choose hybrid processing customized to your needs, with some solutions operating in your own organization and others managed by our trusted service center
  • Informed decisions: Precision lets you view and analyze profits in real time – by branch, officers, accounts and more
  • Increased sales: Your representatives can make sales because our platform is a complete product presentation solution 
  • Integration and openness: Precision offers open integration to both Fiserv best-in-class solutions and third-party applications through the Enterprise Services Framework (ESF), a top-rated technology infrastructure that Fiserv has developed to help financial institutions gain significant efficiencies, introduce new innovations faster and create a truly unified cross-channel customer experience. Our open banking strategy builds on the foundation of our ESF ecosystem and standardized APIs to help you co-innovate with third parties to create unique and compelling customer experiences


With Precision banking solutions, your financial institution can respond promptly to customer service and regulatory and business demands while seamlessly combining new and existing technology assets. Precision helps you automate tasks, reduce staff touchpoints and enhance efficiencies. Its user-friendly features and functions include:

  • Personalized workflows and user-level customization that promote productivity, using navigation based on work processes to eliminate repetitive searches
  • Favorites that promote efficient, one-click navigation for most frequent tasks
  • A complete view of customer relationships
  • Robust reporting and efficient access to reports and images
  • Advanced customer relationship management, analysis and reporting tools
  • Unparalleled integration to many valuable add-on solutions, including e-commerce, business intelligence, deposit capture and imaging, branch automation, rewards, and risk and compliance solutions. Business continuity, education and other professional services are also available



First Foundation Bank Wins Celent Award for
Employee Enablement

a blue cover with white text First Foundation Bank Wins Celent Award for Employee Enablement

First Foundation Bank leveraged integration and new technology to scale enterprise data access and automate banking processes.


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