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Cleartouch Bank Platform

Cleartouch® from Fiserv, an innovative, online, real-time bank platform, delivers powerful business analytics and customizable workflows to help banks drive revenue, increase cross sales and build customer loyalty.

Our Solution

Built on a customer-centric foundation, Cleartouch provides powerful business analytics and integrated workflows to help you drive cross-sales, attract new business and take advantage of emerging channels that optimize your customers' experiences. This fully customizable solution is scalable to help you meet the demands of a competitive banking environment.

You need an easy way to automate processes while paving a clear path to growth. A bank platform that helps you identify and cross-sell additional services to your best customers is critical. Enabled by the Cleartouch real-time processing environment, you can focus on growing customer relationships and delivering the services your customers want, when they want them. You have a single view of customer information across all channels and can quickly adopt new technologies to keep pace with evolving business environments.

As banks face an increasingly heavy regulatory burden, an outsourced solution makes more sense than ever before. And in a constantly connected, need-it-now world, an online, real-time solution is the answer. Entrust your operational needs to us so you can focus on the business of banking.


  • Open integration to both Fiserv best-in-class solutions and third-party applications through the Enterprise Services Framework (ESF), a technology infrastructure that Fiserv has developed to help financial institutions gain significant efficiencies, introduce new innovations faster and create a truly unified cross-channel customer experience. Our open banking strategy builds on the foundation of our ESF ecosystem and standardized APIs to help you co-innovate with third parties to create unique and compelling customer experiences
  • Design your own workflow solution: Use Cleartouch tools to automate your business processes and track customer interactions with your bank. Automatically assign completion dates and track progress to ensure your employees fulfill customer requests quickly
  • Outsourcing levels the playing field, allowing banks of any size to offer sophisticated, full-featured solutions that could otherwise be out of reach. By delivering those solutions through an online, real-time platform, you have the best of both worlds by helping you improve your bottom line in the following ways:

    • Train staff in half the time
    • Eliminate manual and paper processes with tight integration
    • Improve customer service by designing workflows that meet your quality standards
    • Understand the profit potential of your customers with enhanced views of customer relationships
    • Tighten sales and service tracking with embedded contact management
    • Reduce time and expenses with simplified and centralized software distribution

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