ATM Managed Services

ATM Managed Services from Fiserv helps financial institutions keep their ATM programs running smoothly. This provides the opportunity to maximize operational efficiency, free staff to focus on more productive tasks, and helps improve performance, profitability and cardholder satisfaction.


Flexible, results-oriented ATM management solutions

ATMs remain a critical self-service channel for consumers, often replacing branches as the primary resource for handling all types of financial transactions.

Financial institutions must stay current, competitive and compliant. Our flexible solution offers advanced functionality that furthers revenue opportunities, prepares you for changes in technology, ensures your ability to meet compliance deadlines and helps attract and retain cardholders. Fiserv provides the support your financial institution needs to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a successful ATM program.


With ATM Managed Services, you choose the level of support you need. Outsource the entire ownership, management and operation of your ATM program or select individual services you'd like us to manage. Offerings include:

  • First and second-line maintenance
  • ATM replenishment
  • Image file processing and delivery
  • Deposit collection and delivery
  • Currency management
  • ATM and network monitoring
  • Full-service adjustment processing and Reg. E research    
  • Electronic product delivery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Terminal driving
  • Surcharging options
  • Authorization processing
  • Anti-skimming monitoring
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • ADA and PCI compliance management

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