Device Manager

Use Device Manager™ from Fiserv to improve availability and drive improved performance from your service vendors. Our automated device management system can receive, analyze, respond to and manage critical information from self-service devices, regardless of vendor.


Meeting Customer Expectations

Your customers expect swift, convenient transactions from ATMs and other self-service terminals – and it's your job to make sure their experiences are positive. Many self-service devices, including ATMs, kiosks and cash handlers, keep customers happy and offer a lower-cost channel for transactions. So, how do you maintain high availability, control costs and deliver the best customer experience?

Automate Incident Management

Device Manager can help you enhance incident resolution processes by monitoring whether your devices implement the best resolution plan for every issue, confirm they're working the issue and tracking progress against contracts through resolution. Flexible incident routing, real-time tracking of service contract SLAs and automated escalation plans can reduce lengthy outages.

Gain Insights Into What's Really Causing Your Downtime

Performance View for Device Manager provides access to device availability, contract SLA achievement for vendors, internal staff workload data, and configurable and flexible downtime categorization with a powerful and easy to use report writer and distribution tool.

A View Into the Customer Transactions

Availability and transaction failures go beyond the device. In partnership with INETCO, Fiserv offers a real-time view into customer transactions. Determine why the transaction is failing and, with user-selected, built-in business rules in Device Manager, configure it to automatically route the incident to the right person for an immediate response.

Reduce the Burden of Supplying Cash

Organizations struggle to balance the cost of supplying cash to customers while keeping up with peak demand and controlling balances. Excess cash levels create risks but running out of cash means unhappy customers. Fiserv can help you minimize costs and ensure cash availability without putting pressure on your operations.


Using Device Manager helps:

  • Increase availability and vendor performance: Automated issue resolution processes can speed up response times
  • Improve help desk efficiency: Reduce help desk efforts through configuring management by exception and automatic dispatch escalation
  • Centralize data and reporting: Advanced business analytics and reporting capabilities can offer flexibility and enterprise-wide visibility on network and vendor performance
  • Set up remote management: Create remote management capabilities across devices from all manufacturers
  • Lower cost of ownership: Automate operations and reduce spend to eliminate unnecessary or redundant service calls
  • Supports automatic dispatch: Automate two-way communication and dispatch to all major service providers

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