Integrated Currency Manager

Integrated Currency Manager™ from Fiserv uses advanced cash forecasting, transportation analysis and business intelligence analytics to automate cash supply chain management end to end, delivering the right amount of cash to ATMs and branches for your customers at the lowest cost.


Optimize Your Cash Supply Chain Management & Forecasting

Integrated Currency Manager uses advanced artificial intelligence to assist your forecast of customer demand so you can determine how much cash to order and ship for each cash point, including ATMs, branches and vaults. The system helps you optimize your entire cash supply chain by streamlining processes to reduce excess cash and decrease operational costs.


Using Integrated Currency Manager helps you:

  • Optimize cash levels: Reduce excess cash balances which can free up capital to reinvest
  • Reduce transportation and holding costs: Configure to analyze and optimize delivery schedules
  • Create possible end-to-end automation: Set up to automate transmission of cash orders to vendors, which can boost operational efficiency
  • Provide enterprise-wide visibility: Create custom analytics with automated reporting and simulation capabilities to measure performance and share metrics
  • Streamline cash operations: Configure to centralize control and standardize cash operations across your network
  • Choose a flexible solution deployment option: Hosted, in-house or managed services

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