AllData Aggregation Wealth Management

With AllData® Aggregation from Fiserv, advisors can monitor clients’ financial health with real-time reliable data. This means enabling more well-informed decisions, providing insights to help identify opportunities for cross-selling enhanced products, and ultimately offering diversified portfolios and increasing loyalty and satisfaction.

See how AllData Aggregation can help your financial advisors act on information faster and drive growth.

Why Do Wealth Management Advisory Services Need AllData Aggregation?

Firms can use APIs to show clients financial information about their spending and enable advisors to offer new opportunities. This allows advisors to be proactive, rather than being reactive, and to be able to offer more personalized financial advice to each client.


Turn unintelligible and cluttered data into clear information, allowing you to extract deep insights into client needs and behaviors.



AllData delivers accurate and deep data of clients' financial assets. This includes account types, locations, historical balances and more.



Up to 24 months of transaction history, including deposits, account and loan balances, accountholder details and more.



Uncover insights into your clients’ financial health, including details for account balances, terms, and payment dates.



Use your clients’ full financial history to create the best offers and messaging at every stage of their journey.



Verify account details when initiating incoming ACH transfers, including account number and balance, accountholder and routing number.


When you have customers online who need a financial decision, data accuracy and technology that works in real-time is paramount.

- David Evans, President and CEO, DecisionLogic

Trusted Sources

With 20 million daily transactions imported from thousands of unique data sources, we are powering the future of data aggregation. Choosing a provider that has been in the data aggregation business for 15 years will help you deliver an unparalleled blended data environment in any application.


Wealth of Insights

AllData Aggregation has 95% coverage with an industry best in class 98% success rate. The quality and breadth of our data gives financial advisors the insights they need to gain a holistic view of their clients’ portfolio information: assets, account activity, investments, and much more.


Getting Started is Easy

Wealth management firms can add AllData Aggregation to existing platforms, enabling an unparalleled blended data environment for any application. Aggregated data can be delivered using REST APIs, easily integrating the data you need with any new or existing application, regardless of the underlying technology platform.

  • Flexible integration: Supports any application requiring personal financial data regardless of the native underlying technology platform and is available via REST API
  • Widespread coverage: Provides an end-to-end financial view with extensive account type coverage
  • Bank-grade security: Leverages the same technology used by the world's leading financial institutions to safeguard banking websites, and protect personal information like usernames and passwords, as well as account and transaction data
  • Extensive, reliable data: Supplies account balance and transaction level data that is updated daily and processed through a set of standard data quality checks

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