AllData PFM

AllData® PFM from Fiserv is an account aggregation solution that offers financial institution customers a complete view of their finances, enabling them to create a complete financial portrait across all their online accounts at one or multiple financial institutions.


AllData PFM is a value-added solution that helps your customers develop a complete financial picture across all their online accounts and institutions. It offers the tools to simplify their money management, analyze their spending habits, review investment portfolios and take control of their finances.

With access to more than 18,000 data sources, including banking, credit cards, investment accounts, employee stock plans, mortgages and insurance, AllData PFM aggregates account data from virtually any online financial source. Your online banking site becomes the financial hub customers rely on to monitor and manage their cash flow, investments, spending, budget and savings goals.

Built on industry-leading technology, AllData PFM provides an interactive view of a customer's entire financial portfolio. This comprehensive view provides the insight needed to uncover new financial opportunities and make well-informed financial decisions.

Finlocker recently chose AllData Aggregation. Read how they plan to leverage AllData for enhanced analytics for the mortgage industry.

Financial institutions benefit by:

  • Monetizing account aggregation
  • Positioning themselves at the core of their customers' financial lives
  • Gaining insight into customers' external accounts
  • Increasing engagement and loyalty
  • Delivering more personalized financial guidance
  • Cross-selling additional financial products

Customer benefits include:

  • Convenient access to a view of all their financial accounts
  • The ability to track savings goals, budgets and spending
  • Information and resources to make well-informed financial decisions


AllData PFM integrates with your existing online banking site and scales to support a growing customer base. It also provides insight into customer preferences and behaviors, enhancing cross-selling initiatives.

You can choose to deploy AllData PFM with as much or as little customization as you need. You can eliminate any guesswork by implementing AllData PFM in its entirety as a subsection of your site, or you can pick and choose the specific features you want to incorporate and embed those AllData PFM widgets into your online banking solution. Either way, users can see all of their finances — across multiple financial institutions – within the context of your online banking site.

AllData PFM features include:

  • Balance and transaction alerts: Helps financial institutions monetize aggregation by attracting new deposits, cross-selling services and increasing retention
  • Financial dashboard: Provides customers with a consolidated view of assets and liabilities held at all of their online financial institutions, as well as a snapshot of their net worth, income, expenses and savings goals
  • Expense categorization engine: Categorizes transactions automatically, based on user preference and built-in rules, enabling users to track and manage their activity
  • Budget wizard: Enables users to create a budget within minutes. AllData PFM automatically tracks spending for each category, helping users adhere to their budget
  • Customized spending alerts: Notifies users when they are approaching their spending limit for a particular category

Our aggregation services support any application that requires personal financial data.

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