Verifast Access


VerifastAccess offers a highly secure, reliable and easy-to -use way to control and monitor physical access to business premises or sensitive areas.


As financial institutions transform their retail environments with self-service features, Verifast Kiosk is unparalleled for its ease of use and convenience. Accountholders scan their palms at the Interactive Branch Kiosk (IBK) to securely connect to their accounts instead of inserting their cards and remembering yet another PIN. This method of identification provides the added benefit of allowing account access if the account holder forgets their wallet.

Verifast delivers a rare combination of speed and security that facilitates an excellent experience for our members and employees. I use Verifast daily – it’s simple, it’s smart, and we’re proud to be an industry leader in biometrics thanks to what we’ve built with Fiserv.”

- Dave Whitehead, CEO / Merck Sharp & Dohme FCU


Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union Goes Big with Biometrics

Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union is enhancing convenience and security for members and staff with palm vein biometric technology from Fiserv. The credit union is utilizing a suite of Verifast authentication solutions and is among the first financial institutions in the country to adopt biometric technology for branch authentication, location management and single sign-on.


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