Verifast Access

Provide secure, reliable and convenient access to key locations at your business premises through a simple scan of the palm using Verifast™ Access. Replace your existing entry method with biometric authentication that is virtually impossible to fake, hack or spoof.

Verifast Access is a secure and reliable way to control and monitor physical entry to your business premises and sensitive areas within your buildings. You can replace your existing entry method – card, fob or PIN – with the security and efficiency of palm vein biometrics. Employees can simply scan their palms for fast, non-invasive biometric authentication. Identity verification takes two seconds, with the highest available accuracy.

Biometric authentication for facilities access is superior to other methods of identification. Access cards and fobs can be lost, stolen or shared; PINs can be compromised. Palm authentication is practical, hygienic and secure. Unlike other biometric methods, palm vein patterns are not affected by external factors such as glasses, scratches, cuts, dry skin, lotion or abrasions.

Verifast Access is interoperable with other systems.

  • Country
  • International, United States
  • Solution
  • Bank Platforms
  • Industry
  • Banks, Credit Unions
  • Published
  • February 2019

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