Verifast SSO

VerifastTM SSO eliminates the need for password management and memorizing complex credentials. This biometric technology allows employees to seamlessly authenticate into any workstation and daily applications by simply scanning the palm of their hand.


Verifast SSO uses more than five million touchpoints unique to the vascular system beneath the individual's palm. Unlike other biometric methods, palm vein patterns are not affected by external factors such as glasses, scratches, cuts, dry skin, lotion or abrasions. Authentication has never been more secure and employee efficiency is immediately heightened due to alleviating password related issues. This is a solution your employees will appreciate and your IT staff will praise. Now your palm is your password!

Key Features

  • Eliminates the hassles of password management for employees across the enterprise
  • Increases security by utilizing advanced biometric technology
  • Frees up employees to focus on interacting with account holders rather than technology
  • Identifies users more reliably than other biometric methods
  • Supports existing network and IT infrastructure with minimal IT cost to deploy
  • Offers ease of use through integration with standard USB mouse

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