Check Recovery

Check Recovery™ from Fiserv accelerates the recovery of returned checks and ACH debits by automating the collection process with state-of-the-art practices, including strategically timed electronic representment and advanced online reporting capabilities.


Bounced checks and ACH returns are an unfortunate reality for all businesses, and recovering funds can be a costly, time-consuming process that impedes cash flow and limits bottom-line profitability.

Outdated check recovery services are often costly and ineffective:

  • Re-clearing to the check writer's account can have limited results because paper transactions may be resubmitted only once
  • Third-party agencies charge as much as 50% of what they collect as payment for their services
  • Using employees to recover lost funds requires that merchants must offset salaries and benefits with the funds they collect

Check Recovery not only improves your customers' collection rates over traditional in-house methods, but it also provides you with a valuable new service to offer merchants and other businesses.

Key benefits for your business customers include:

  • A value-added, free service
  • 100% of the face value of all collected items deposited directly into their accounts
  • Exceptional recovery rates through RCK, paper and ACH debit representment backed by funds verification and other strategic processes
  • Improved cash flow and faster access to funds
  • Elimination of resources associated with collection services
  • 24/7 Web access to check collection information and reporting

Benefits for your financial institution include:

  • Strengthening customer relationships by providing a value-added, free service that streamlines their collection efforts
  • Generating significant, recurring fee-based revenue through our unique revenue-sharing agreement
  • Becoming a problem solver and business builder for your customers
  • Improving profitability for you and your customers


Check Recovery will handle the time-consuming collection process, enabling your customers to focus on growing their business and providing great service to their customers.

Check Recovery provides:

  • Electronic representment of eligible items: We can represent to the check writer's account up to two additional times; this method is faster and more effective than traditional methods
  • Paper representment: For items not eligible for RCK, we strategically time paper representments to ensure the highest level of collection success
  • Funds verification with unique call queue: We use a custom-designed Interactive Voice Recognition system and customer service staff to monitor account balances on a daily basis; Check Recovery electronically re-presents checks and ACH debits for payment as soon as funds become available
  • Advanced, online check management: You and your business customers can view and manage check recovery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our secure check management website

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