Remittance Coupon Deposits

Remittance Coupon Deposits from Fiserv can help your business customers reduce overhead and efficiently process customer payments that include the time-consuming task of keying coupon data into accounting systems.


Remittance Coupon Deposits transforms the way business customers handle payments associated with remittance coupons. With this solution, your customers can capture checks and deposit funds quickly and easily from their place of business. It automates the processing of remittance coupons and updates the customer accounts receivable files to eliminate redundant data entry. The solution also offers the ability to extract and transmit data to other systems, including your customers' accounts receivable systems.

Remittance Coupon Deposits is a fraud fighter for both you and your customers. The solution includes the risk assessment tools your business customers need to reduce the chance of fraud and identify suspicious activity. Similarly, your financial institution can use Remittance Coupon Deposits in conjunction with other remote deposit capture solutions to gain a comprehensive view of deposit activity and protect against fraudulent or duplicate deposits.


  • Efficient processing: Business customers will save time and money processing payments and depositing funds
  • Fraud reduction: You and your customers can reduce the chance of fraud and duplicate deposits
  • Marketplace expansion: New business customers will be drawn to the convenient, cost-saving features
  • Full integration: Used with other remote capture productions, this solution gives you a complete view of deposit activity from all touchpoints

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