XRoads™ from Fiserv is a flexible, cost-effective data delivery solution with a specialized focus in data management, transformation and delivery to and from financial entities, their vendors and processors.


What makes XRoads unique in the transmission product industry is its application service provider (ASP) model, replacing the need for additional IT resources to procure, install and maintain expensive data transfer applications and on-site equipment. In short, XRoads is a complete end-to-end file transfer service.

With XRoads, you can consolidate data delivery into a single connection point for your business, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with multiple connection points. The browser-based solution is designed to detect data issues immediately after the data is received from the source point, prior to being sent to the processing system. Early detection, coupled with precise error detail presented to the source point, provides the best results for rapid repair of the data. This proactive approach decreases processing delays.

In addition to transmission services, XRoads offers specialized services to meet specific needs of your business including ACH services and automated EDI report delivery.


  • Data verification/pre-screening: Validate incoming data; detect duplicate files; track in-bound delivery of data; and generate automatic requests for missing, late or inaccurate data
  • Flexible scheduling options: Automatically pull, process and push files on a scheduled, event-driven or on-demand basis
  • Scalability: Manage data transmission growth without resource increases
  • Efficiency-boosting automation: Eliminate the uncertainties associated with manual methods and gain real-time visibility for managing data transfers
  • Highly secure enterprise data transfer service: Get peace of mind with end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage of data and files

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