File Exchange: Transmission Services

Partnering with multiple vendors lets you offer a wider range of products to customers, but the different file requirements, schedules and integration points can be cumbersome to manage. File Exchange: Transmission Services from Fiserv allows you to consolidate data delivery into a single connection point, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

An outsourced, scalable file transmission service, File Exchange: Transmission Services enables efficient file movement between your financial institution, vendors and processors while also offering data verification, scheduling, and 24/7 monitoring and support.

File Exchange: Transmission Services eliminates unnecessary costs associated with multiple connection points and in-house IT support. Plus, you can eliminate the effort of installing software, managing servers and designing networks while keeping pace with compliance regulations for data exchange.

Download the brochure to see how File Exchange: Transmission Services can help you improve productivity and collaboration among your vendors, partners and members or customers by enabling the quick, easy and secure exchange of sensitive business data. 


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