File Exchange

Reduce costs and errors with end-to-end outsourced file transfer and translation services

As file transfers grow in size and number, so does your need to monitor and manage a larger infrastructure across more locations. Increased data volume brings a boost in issues and exceptions – taxing your ability to quickly resolve them and maintain satisfaction levels. 

Tracking the movement of organizational data is crucial to reduce losses, mitigate risk and protect your reputation.

File Exchange from Fiserv (formerly XRoads) is an end-to-end outsourced file transfer and conversion service providing advanced tracking that optimizes your data delivery oversight capabilities and delivers the automation and control required to reduce expenses. 

While partnering with multiple vendors lets you offer a wider range of products to customers, all the different file formats, schedules and integration points can be cumbersome to manage.

File Exchange acts as a single hub to translate source files to meet individual endpoint vendor requirements, detect duplicate files prior to downstream delivery and ingestion, and securely deliver files to meet shorter processing windows.

With File Exchange, data transfer and translation experts collaborate with you to build a workflow solution that reduces operational cost and errors and enables you to focus on managing your business.

Once up and running, Fiserv experts are on call 24/7 to detect and resolve errors, missing files and other issues.

File Exchange offers a unique application service provider model, which eliminates the need for additional IT resources to procure, install and maintain expensive data transfer applications and on-site equipment. 

  Identify Issues Faster

  • Detects problems immediately after data is received – before being sent to the processing system
  • Enable rapid data repair with precise error reporting


  Ensure Data Security and

  • Enjoy peace of mind with end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage of data and files
  • Protect sensitive client data via PCI DSS-compliant service

  Boost Efficiency

  • Eliminate uncertainties associated with manual methods with automated transfer processes
  • Access a 24/7 staffed team to monitor and manage data transfers


  Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate unnecessary costs from multiple connection points and in-house IT support with outsourced consolidated delivery





File Exchange

Learn more about our end-to-end outsourced data delivery solution that can help you improve productivity and collaboration among your vendors, partners and members or customers by exchanging sensitive business data – quickly, easily and securely.


In addition to transmission services, File Exchange offers specialized capabilities to meet the specific needs of your business, including ACH services and automated EDI report delivery

 File Exchange: Transmission Services

The base service allows you to consolidate data delivery into a single connection point for your business, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with multiple connection points and in-house IT support. This outsourced, scalable file transmission service facilitates efficient file movement between your business, vendors and processors while also offering data verification, scheduling, and 24/7 monitoring and support. 

    File Exchange: Federal Reserve Connect

Automates manual uploading and downloading Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Check 21 files or Fed Reports into the Federal Reserve Bank website tasks using robust, secure connectivity methods. Fiserv subscribes to the Federal Reserve Bank's FedLine Direct® service, providing a highly secure and highly available computer-to-computer interface to Federal Reserve Financial Services.

*FedLine Direct is a registered trademark of the Federal Reserve Banks. 


 File Exchange: Federal Reserve Connect EDI

Transforms the electronic data interchange (EDI) information the Federal Reserve deciphers from your ACH files and delivers reports to your document storage and cash-management systems in an easy-to-read format.

 File Exchange: Commercial Payment Interface

Provides an alternative to manually uploading and downloading files from a cash management site or entering data into templates that create ACH or AR payments, enabling you to provide this valuable service to commercial clients. 


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