As part of our create/produce/deliver capabilities for wealth management firms, Fiserv can create dynamic account statements, trade confirmations, checks, 1099s and other documents that combine transactional data with powerful educational and marketing messaging. The result: compelling documents that drive results.


Your account statements, trade confirmations, checks and 1099s, whether printed or electronic, should be a key component of your growth strategy. Fiserv can help transform your traditional communication touch points into dynamic educational, marketing and retention tools.

Full content control is in your hands with WC3® (Web Client Control Center) from Fiserv. With this online management tool, you have the ability to manage document content and target messages and inserts at the individual investor level, based on any field in your data file, such as age, marital status and income. And, with WC3, you eliminate the time and programming costs of message changes.

Make your documents more effective

Let us turn your documents into high-impact communications that demand attention and drive results. Combine existing transactional information that is already being mailed to investors with relevant educational and promotional messages that greatly increase the value and effectiveness of the communication.

Cost Reduction

  • Urge investors to opt for electronic delivery of documents
  • Leverage our world-class, rules-based content management tool for targeted messaging at the investor level – no investment in IT resources
  • Produce a single document from multiple data streams
  • Eliminate the need for inserts by adding messaging to the document

Investor Retention

  • Turn each investor touch into an opportunity to reinforce your brand
  • Translate complex data into and easy-to-read and understand content
  • Educate customers on the value you deliver, and on new products and services that can benefit them

Revenue Generation

  • Generate incremental cross-sell revenue by promoting likely-to-buy products or services


We conducted extensive research into what makes the perfect document. The result – Fiserv creates documents that incorporate the following key features:

  • Increase readability and understanding using layout and font

    – Organize content for easy reading using asset-allocation pie charts, performance bar graphs, backlights and shading
  • Use targeted messaging to create a personalized experience

    – Create sections with relevant messages based on account data
  • Display financial data prominently

    – Integrate data from multiple systems and use dynamic sections to clearly convey important information, make balances easy to find and avoid questions
  • Consolidate multiple financial service products into one statement

    – Reduce costs and improve the investor experience
  • Match delivery preferences using multiple channels

    – Send to investors the way they want to receive information…in the mail, through email or the Web
  • Provide management tools that are easy to use

    – Use our targeted messaging capabilities to add disclosure information based on account makeup

1 The Michael Allen Company with TNS Intersearch

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