Well-Timed Words: Monthly Statements Can Enhance Consumer Engagement

Consumers are using all channels, through multiple devices, and they expect a consistent, satisfying experience no matter how they engage, whether through paper, digital or, often, both. It's up to financial institutions to meet–and leverage–those expectations.

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People move through their lives quickly, but there still are moments when they pause and listen. Consumer research by Fiserv indicates people spend up to 4.3 minutes per month reading their monthly financial statements. That can amount to more than 50 minutes per year when financial institutions have a willingly engaged audience and an opportunity to further enhance the overall consumer experience through well-placed communications.

Key features of those communications:

  • Color to make specific messages stand out
  • Clear branding and content partitioning to make the information easy to read and understand
  • Call-outs for specific educational or promotional content
  • QR codes that link to websites or special offers, creating a more seamless bridge between channels

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