Transactional Communications

Transform your account statements, trade confirmations, checks, 1099s and other documents into dynamic marketing and educational tools that drive results and save money. With document composition, production and delivery from Fiserv, you can improve investor satisfaction, reduce costs and drive revenue.

Unprecedented challenges are forcing many wealth management companies to re-evaluate their current models for document production and delivery.

  • Advancing technology that makes equipment outdated before it's fully depreciated
  • Building the capabilities to produce full-color account statements with content targeted to each investor
  • Electronic adoption and the need to make account statement production a variable cost as print volumes decline
  • Legislation that requires greater information disclosure

Whether you currently produce your documents in-house or outsource to another supplier, Fiserv offers composition, production and delivery services to reduce costs, increase the quality of investor interactions and facilitate migration to electronic document delivery. We transform your traditional communication touch points into dynamic marketing and educational tools by combining transactional data with relevant educational and promotional messages, greatly increasing the value of the communication.

Our Solution

Fiserv excels at composing, printing and delivering high-volume documents including account statements, trade confirmations, checks and 1099s.

  • Combine transactional data with educational and promotional information
  • Improve response with targeted messaging at the investor level
  • Fully integrate print and electronic delivery
  • Compose documents, track production and maintain control with online tools
  • Rest easy with industry-leading quality and security


Our wealth management services are designed to help you improve investor satisfaction, reduce costs and generate revenue. Here's how we do it:

Improve Satisfaction & Loyalty

  • Improve investor engagement with one-to-one messaging
  • Deliver the right message at the right time using the preferred channel
  • Educate on new products and services

Reduce Cost & Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce fixed in-house costs by leveraging our equipment and technology
  • Reduce production and postage costs by increasing electronic adoption
  • Eliminate the need for internal programming by using our online composition tools
  • Eliminate separate mailings by using messaging on your account statements
  • Leverage our volume, equipment and processes to minimize postage expenses

Generate Revenue

  • Cross-sell targeted products and services
  • Improve response rates with targeted one-to-one messaging

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