Elevate the Digital Experience With CardHub

Feb  07 
Randy Piatt  Vice President, Product Solutions, CardHub, Fiserv 

Mobile-first card services for wherever your cardholders go

People want debit and credit cards that fit the way they live, from managing their cards on the go to real-time access to rewards, offers and alerts. Self-service, 24/7 options help them easily control their cards, use their cards and view spending.

To help your financial institution meet cardholders' rising expectations for digital, mobile experiences, we've introduced CardHub from Fiserv. This next-generation digital platform for unified debit and credit card management is part of the Fiserv digital ecosystem empowering banks and credit unions to offer the latest innovations in card management. With no extra apps or logins to remember, consumers can manage their cards and understand their spending through an integrated mobile and web experience.

Today's consumers live their lives online and expect to have a large degree of control over their digital experiences. Providing innovative card options and features helps financial institutions of all sizes drive enhanced customer interactions and loyalty.

That's especially important as financial institutions work to keep their credit and debit cards as the payment method of choice. Digital wallets are an essential part of that digital strategy. Nearly seven in ten (68 percent) of consumers used digital wallets in the past 12 months, according to recent consumer research from Fiserv.

A Single Place for Cardholder Convenience

Cardhub provides a single place for consumers to get, use and manage their cards. That added convenience plus innovative features, such as being able to turn cards on or off and set controls for where and how cards are used, are important to McIntosh County Bank's goals for attracting and maintaining customers. Streamlined implementation meant the Ashley, ND bank was able to quickly add CardHub to its offerings.

"Our customers want to manage their cards with 24/7 access," said the bank's President and CEO Robert Wishek. "They want the same level of service at our community bank as they would get from a larger financial institution."

Innovative Features Create Connected Card Experiences

With CardHub, new cardholders get instant access to a digital card when they open a credit or debit account. No more waiting for cards to arrive in the mail. As their accounts are opened, instant digital issuance enables consumers to start purchasing right away.

From there, CardHub's integrated mobile and web experience gives cardholders the ability to use their cards how and when they want. A number of advanced features are available, including being able to easily add cards to a mobile wallet, create travel plans and receive instant alerts for suspected fraud.

With CardHub, financial institutions can provide a winning combination of differentiated mobile-first banking and card services to drive immediate use and self-service card control. 

CardHub helps consumers engage in real time with experiences that are relevant to their daily financial lives. While on the go, cardholders can instantly access reward points and spending information, and benefit from quick insights by location or merchant category. They can also see purchase locations on a map and contact merchants directly with one click.

Being able to view subscription payments in one place and easily see where cards are stored provides added convenience. And if a card goes missing, it can be easily reported without making a phone call.

Those types of innovative experiences have traditionally only been available to those who bank with the largest institutions. CardHub helps financial institutions of any size meet growing consumer demand for a seamless digital payments experience. And we've eliminated the guesswork and long development timelines that may have existed in the past.

With CardHub, financial institutions can provide a winning combination of differentiated mobile-first banking and card services to drive immediate use and self-service card control. In the race to the top of the wallet, Cardhub delivers fast, secure and convenient digital experiences wherever your cardholders go.