DecisionLogic Implements Real-Time Asset Verification

DecisionLogic selected AllData Aggregation® from Fiserv to facilitate accurate, reliable, real-time account verification.


After struggling with higher than acceptable error rates, system outages and unreliable service support from its existing data aggregation vendors, DecisionLogic sought to find a more reliable alternative.


DecisionLogic implemented AllData Aggregation from Fiserv, providing the company with the reliability and platform stability it needs to grow its business and improve the industry while helping both lenders and borrowers.   

Proof Points

The proof is in the data. Comparing AllData Aggregation to two previous aggregators used by DecisionLogic, successful requests increased by as much as 76 percent while account and bank errors have decreased by as much as 95 percent and 45 percent, respectively.

Reinforcing DecisionLogic's Value



DecisionLogic is an asset verification pioneer that has helped simplify the lending process for both borrowers and lenders around the globe. DecisionLogic helps lenders make sound lending decisions based on real-time knowledge of a potential borrower's financial position. Data accuracy is critical to this verification process and technology that works in real-time is paramount.  

"When you have customers online who need a financial decision instantly so they can approve a car repair, tomorrow is not an option. They need the money now, and their lender needs real-time, accurate financial information to make that underwriting decision," said David Evans, president and CEO of DecisionLogic. "Account verification has to happen instantly so both the borrower and lender are properly served."



Client Profile

Founded in 2012, DecisionLogic provides advanced, real-time bank account verification
to more than 2,000 lenders and has served over 35 million consumers around the globe. Since the beginning of 2019, DecisionLogic has successfully on-boarded nearly 100,000
new client users to the AllData Aggregation platform, with plans to grow that number.


Data reliability: Lenders depend on DecisionLogic to make a smart decision and that means data reliability is essential.

Functionality: The proprietary technology created by DecisionLogic places significant demand on data aggregation platforms, so efficiency and consistency are critical factors.

Reputation: Customer service and expertise weighed heavily into DecisionLogic's choice of a provider and Fiserv offered a track record in those areas.

Fiserv is completely buttoned up in terms of the reliability and quality of the AllData Aggregation platform. It's very responsive. It's totally flexible. And, bottom line, it just works.

– David Evans President and CEO DecisionLogic

Ensuring a Data-Driven Future

In an effort to increase data accuracy and speed to resolution, DecisionLogic is implementing new technology that pulls data from several aggregators and compares findings for anomalies. Its platform from Fiserv has performed well under rigorous testing.  Fiserv provided live examples of test requests and responses and all the input and output data points DecisionLogic needed to build their integration. "Nobody else we've worked with has ever given us that level of power and support to ensure their technology is meeting our needs," Evans said.

Lending decisions made easy

Real-time asset verification with AllData Aggregation makes life easier.

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