A highly reliable means of personal identification, Verifast from Fiserv uses biometric technology to scan the vein pattern of the palm.

Vein pattern recognition technology has become a more accurate identifier than fingerprints, iris patterns or facial features.  A key component to branch transformation, Verifast is a more private, secure authentication method for customers and employees.  Enhanced security and identity management using Verifast is available for the following channels:

Verifast Branch
Verifast Branch uses the latest biometric technology to help financial institutions mitigate fraud while reducing transaction time and enhancing the branch experience.

Verifast Access
Verifast Access offers a highly secure, reliable and easy-to-use way to control and monitor physical access to business premises or sensitive areas.

Verifast SSO
Verifast SSO makes it possible for employees to securely log in to any application or website simply by using the sensing device instead of manually keying their passwords.

Verifast Kiosk
Verifast Kiosks use the latest biometric technology to verify customers' or members' identities and provide access to their financial accounts through Interactive Branch Kiosk from Fiserv.


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