Mailing Services

Improve the speed and accuracy of your mail delivery, provide better service to your cardholders and reduce the risk of your card portfolio with Mailing Services from Fiserv.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 36 million people move each year. Lost or late mail due to address changes can be a costly problem for your company. And according to both Visa® and Mastercard®, multiple pieces of card information can create a risk for identity fraud. Fiserv can help you optimize your delivery with Mailing Services.

  • Take control of your mail processing
  • Enhanced tracking capabilities
  • End-to-end mail management
  • Mailing services: address optimization
  • Change of address processing and notification
  • Mailing services:
    • First-class mail tracking
    • Expedited mail
    • Return mail services
  • Standard reports

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