Cash & Logistics

Financial institutions can enhance profitability by more accurately managing the currency supply chain with cash forecasting methods from Fiserv.


Optimize currency management

Providing an adequate supply of currency to meet customer needs is a continual challenge. Fiserv can help your financial institution manage the currency supply chain and accurately forecast requirements for each currency location.

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    Reduce expenses and improve control over cash points, such as ATMs, branches and smart safes.

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    Reduce costs and improve device availability with fast and convenient service.

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    Take advantage of advanced self-service and cash automation solutions to drive your branch to new levels of productivity.

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    Improve cash forecasting and operations with artificial intelligence solutions.

Cash forecasting and optimization 


Cash forecasting and optimization solutions from Fiserv enable financial institutions to anticipate the needs of traditional currency points, such as ATMs, branches and vaults, and in-branch currency dispensing units, remote cash capture machines and other self-service devices. 

The comprehensive suite of cash forecasting and optimization products include:


Reduce costs and increase revenues for overall profitability improvement

As the only provider with both consulting expertise and integrated solutions across the entire currency supply chain, Fiserv is uniquely positioned to help your financial institution reduce costs and increase revenues for overall profitability improvement.

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