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Manual cash trading methods are time-consuming and costly, providing limited visibility to vault balances across the network. ExchangePoint™ from Fiserv automates cash trading transactions, matching demand with the best available cash sources to reduce costs and save time.

Ensuring optimal cash levels is a balancing act. Too little cash impacts customer satisfaction, while too much is a cost and security burden. At most financial institutions, trading analysts determine daily cash needs by using spreadsheets and calling trading partners at other banks to conduct buy and sell transactions.

ExchangePoint is a cloud-based cash-trading platform that automates and facilitates cash buy and sell transactions. Surplus and deficit positions are matched by denomination with available cash sources to meet demand at the lowest cost for the organization, saving time and resources while achieving the best interbank operation. The solution supports single-bank trades, multi-bank trades and armored managed bank trades.

Meet Demand for Secure, Real-Time Automated Cash Trading Solutions

ExchangePoint electronically imports cash vault positions and automatically recommends trades based on the latest available data and parameters. Trading analysts access ExchangePoint from their browsers to review and execute trades, review any unmatched trades and manage them as needed. Approved trades are electronically exported to armored carriers and trading entities to fulfill orders and shipments.

The platform offers visibility and centralized control into the entire cash network, enabling the organization to monitor performance and share data with any stakeholders.


    • Increase volume of interbank and intra-bank transactions

    • Optimize cash inventories

    • Reduce cash sourcing and transporting costs

    • Reduce manual processes and redundancy for more efficient, effective operations

    • Gain full visibility into available options to manage surplus and deficits

    • Centralize control and enterprise visibility of your cash network

    • Improve monitoring of performance and share data through flexible reporting options

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