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Performance View

Performance View™ from Fiserv uses advanced business intelligence reporting and analytics to provide real-time metrics on performance and help you make data-driven decisions across your currency supply chain.

Organizations need real-time visibility into the costs and performance of their enterprises. Data and analytics are critical to monitoring costs and driving results. Reports are often manual, cumbersome, and rely on internal IT resources to pull together data from multiple systems.

Leverage the Power of Data to Improve Performance

Performance View allows users to quickly access data across multiple Cash & Logistics solutions to gain insights into their network and operations. The drag and drop interface allows business users to easily create custom reports and dashboards and automatically schedule and share metrics anytime, anywhere. Performance View helps organizations quickly respond to dynamic changes, drive improved results and stay ahead of the competition.

Performance View can help you:

  • Increase your visibility into key performance metrics and cost drivers
  • Improve reporting by creating a single database for custom reporting, analytics and integration to other systems
  • Provide flexibility to create custom reports and dashboards
  • Access the system on the go. Run, distribute and access reports via web or mobile
  • Create cost-effective reports without need to rely on IT resources
  • Monitor cash operations and vendor performance with full audit and control


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