Verifast: Palm Authentication

Verifast™: Palm Authentication makes consumer authentication unobtrusive while reducing risk and providing enhanced speed and efficiency in the branch.


Once an individual's palm has been scanned and authenticated, Verifast automatically presents that person's relationship profile and account information to the teller or service representative before the financial transaction gets underway. This enables tellers to easily spot fraud while efficiently fulfilling requests and completing transactions.

Further enhancing efficiency, Verifast: Palm Authentication reduces keystrokes, eliminates search screens and inaccurate selections, minimizes errors and speeds transactions. This allows tellers to spend more time interacting with consumers and less time examining forms of identification.

Institutions that use Verifast: Palm Authentication have decreased the time to authenticate by 93%, and reduced overall transaction times by more than 15 seconds. Convenience is another benefit – consumers appreciate that their palm is the only identification required to conduct transactions in the branch.


  • Reliable authentication: Verifast authenticates the consumer to the account processing platform before the financial transaction gets underway
  • Reduced transaction time: Palm Authentication makes accessing accountholder data discreet, easy and efficient by eliminating the need to exchange sensitive ID information at the counter and reducing keystrokes and input errors
  • Improved service and satisfaction: Consumers experience faster, high-touch service while your staff has more opportunities to cross-sell valuable offers. Optional features enable financial institutions to leverage customized surveys, cross-sale offers, electronic receipts and dynamic messages on the screen of the Verifast tablet

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