Your credit union needs strong technology solutions that can grow with you. DataSafe® from Fiserv delivers technology for both in-house and online deployment – providing robust functionality through a flexible, easy-to-use platform.


Looking for a high return on your technology investment? The advanced account processing capabilities of DataSafe from Fiserv is your answer. Available in-house or online, DataSafe provides highly adaptable, scalable solutions that adjust to the unique needs of your credit union.

Whether you are looking for built-in solutions or to connect with third-party applications, DataSafe delivers the options you need to maximize your use of the system.


  • ATM real-time processing: Offers benefits such as reports stored and forwarded transactions, supports share drafts, open-end loan transactions and inquiries, and real-time authorization and posting for both shared branching and point-of-sale member transactions
  • E-commerce commitment: Comprehensive Internet suite covers a full range of online banking functions
  • Expansion of the member-centric database: Provides credit unions with the ability to show a member a full 360-degree view while maintaining their current account structure with a primary number and sub-shares
  • Loancierge® for Credit Unions: Provides the intuitive navigation, logical workflows and paperless processing tools you need for a streamlined lending operation
  • Teller Navigator: Improves frontline efficiency and performance while reducing training, administration and hardware costs
  • Maestro™: Easy-to-use interfaces model your specific processes and business rules to deliver superior service while keeping costs down and streamlining your work processes
  • Virtuoso™: Online banking solution combining built-in branding tools for a highly personal and customizable self-service member experience
  • Velocity™ : Integrates all of the essential system components required for lending success – including loan origination software, decision support tools, workflow software and image capture capabilities. Through a seamless, easy-to-use loan origination platform, Velocity supports your financial institution’s lending program from start to finish
  • Commercial Accounts and Commercial Loan Servicing: Added support for commercial accounts to enhance member relationships
  • Workflow management: Enables you to streamline and simplify work processes through easy-to-use interfaces that model your specific processes and business rules

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