Data Warehouse Solutions

Data Warehouse solutions from Fiserv are modern visualizations and data-mining tools that provide a consolidated view of organizational, departmental, customer and household data, supplying your organization with quality, actionable business information.


Leading-edge data management, reporting and analytics are critical to your financial institution's continued success. Our Data Warehouse solutions offer a comprehensive data storage and information management solution, hosted at a Fiserv data center or on the premises, that integrate with the robust analytical and reporting tools of Business Analytics.

iVue® is  an enterprise-wide data warehouse that provides a wholistic business view and facilitates information discovery to help you meet your organization’s needs.

Performance Data Warehouse is a data-mining solution with a single source of current and historic information that's accurate and consistent, allowing your organization to shift its focus from data collection and validation to the insights that lie hidden within that data.


  • Provide your organization with a "single version of the truth" – a set of shared metrics and dimensions that can be used throughout your organization – using leading-edge technology
  • Use a financial services data model with supporting data dictionary documentation Include automated trending – historical data organized for easy consumption and tracking fluctuations over time
  • Import third-party data and build your own views
  • Provide the ability to establish automated data imports and exports

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