iVue® from Fiserv, an enterprise-wide data warehouse platform, allows the aggregation of data into a single source repository and enables you to monitor customer demographics, account relationships, transaction activity and channel adoption and utilization.


The iVue structure supports a consolidated view of organizational, departmental and customer information, and provides your institution with a consistent and complete view of quality, actionable business information. Using this information, you can begin to develop more effective business strategies, boost marketing results and manage financial and operational risk more comprehensively.

iVue is integrated with Business Analytics from Fiserv to provide state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. With its innovative, browser-based features, Business Analytics simplifies information management, enabling your staff to author, manage and view reports from a single portal. Assembled by Fiserv business and executive intelligence specialists, these tools combine extensive analysis and reporting functionality with easy-to-use technology.


  • Value beyond the numbers: iVue enables you to analyze your data for opportunities to increase revenue, control expenses and improve customer satisfaction
  • Actionable intelligence: Develop more effective business strategies and improve marketing results with iVue
  • Enhanced risk management: The information provided by iVue enables you to manage financial and operational risk in all areas of your business

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