Business Analytics

Business Analytics from Fiserv optimizes performance and financial results by supplying consistent metrics across your entire enterprise, making it an indispensable tool for reaching informed financial and policy decisions.


Available for Cleartouch, Premier, Precision, Signature

With its innovative, browser-based features, this solution simplifies information management, enabling your staff to author, manage and view reports from a single portal. Flexibility in report distribution is also a key benefit of Business Analytics. You can schedule the delivery of various reports to specific personnel, and also determine the exact content these individuals can access.

Business Analytics provides three tools for authoring and viewing reports. With Business Author, users with varying degrees of experience can easily create business intelligence summary and analytical reports. The dashboard authoring features in Professional Author make it possible to present report information in intuitive maps, charts and gauges, which provides valuable data in a concise and easy-to-understand format. Using Consumer, the enterprise-wide viewing tool, all of your employees can gain access to pre-existing reports.

The point-and-click approach to report generation in Business Analytics enables novices and experts alike to build, format and edit customized reports with minimal effort and training. All elements of reports, including text, images and graphs, can be imported, formatted and arranged with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

A variety of Business Analytics reporting packages are also available, providing "plug-and-play" solutions for the most immediate return on your investment. Each package includes interactive report combinations designed to provide analysis at the executive, branch and data level. Assembled by Fiserv business and executive intelligence specialists, these collections of reports provide a customized solution to fit your organization's unique requirements.


  • Robust report authoring tools: Point-and-click report generation enables novices and experts alike to build, format and edit customized reports with minimal effort and training
  • Event notification: Specific events and activities, such as overdue loan payments, large deposits and changes in interest margins, can be monitored and managed based on schedules and conditions you create. Appropriate reports can be generated and distributed to all staff members who need to know or act on the information
  • Intuitive searches: Fast, effective search capabilities reduce research time by giving users easy access to reports, analysis and information that is already created and stored within your organization
  • Executive analysis: Business Analytics empowers your senior management to examine all critical data online. An interactive menu incorporates multiple views of summary-level metrics, and hyperlinks guide users to additional summary and detail reports. Information on new accounts, past-due analysis, commitment exposure and more is readily available. Plus, color-coded content helps to benchmark your organization's profitability

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