Are you thinking about starting a customer loyalty program, or would you simply like to improve the way you communicate with your members and bill for services? We can help you improve your association’s communications and services to boost membership.

Although customer loyalty is important to most industries, it's critical to associations. Operating on tight budgets, you are a master at cost management, but you must also build membership and connect with members in a personal, meaningful way.

Fiserv has solutions that can help you increase the value of every member communication, build sustainable relationships and stand out from the competition. We'll help you deliver products and services tailored to a universe of one, while at the same time decreasing costs.

Our Solution

We know that to attract members to your association and keep them renewing year after year, you have to offer indispensable products and services. With Fiserv, here’s what you bring to the table:

  • Professional billing and payment solutions: Fiserv has enabled millions of consumers to process billions of online billing and payment transactions accurately, securely and efficiently. We'll help you leverage every transaction and touch point to satisfy members and optimize growth
  • With digital disbursements and online payment capabilities, we can help you develop and implement a payments strategy to send and receive funds via ACH or cards through any digital channel in near real-time
  • Loyalty and reward solutions: With Loyalty and Reward Solutions, Fiserv offers experience, expertise and new ways of thinking to help you improve the profitability of your products. And we get results


Our myriad of services for associations is designed to help your organization grow membership and industry respect while keeping costs down. Here’s how you benefit:

  • Our billing software results in less expensive, more efficient operations because it reduces the handling time and cost of paper checks
  • We deliver a multichannel approach including direct mail, email and SMS. Well-executed multichannel marketing campaigns generate a sales lift of 7 – 34 percent versus a traditional marketing approach, according to Internet Advertising Bureau
  • We allow you to turn each bill, invoice or statement into a sales opportunity by combining transactional data with promotional information
  • A rewards program encourages members to activate debit and credit cards and spend as much as 40 percent more, research shows
  • We help you enable multiple digital payment types (including card and eCheck) and payment speeds, so your membership can quickly and easily make a payment that suits their needs.

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