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VerifastTM SSO from Fiserv extends the security and convenience of biometric authentication to employees, providing a simple and secure way for staff to log into networks, applications or websites without having to remember or enter multiple passwords.


Employees simply hold their palm over the mouse instead of manually keying in a password. Once authenticated, employees can immediately access the applications and resources they are permitted to use.

Verifast SSO allows employees to be productive and spend time serving the needs of consumers, rather than dealing with complicated logins. It also eliminates the unproductive time that IT staff must spend dealing with password lockouts and reset requests.


Hughes Federal Credit Union was immediately impacted after going live with Verifast SSO.

Rich Griesser, VP of IT goes into detail about why they chose Verifast SSO from Fiserv and how Verifast's approach toward biometrics exceeds commercial-grade solutions. With Verifast, individuals are authenticated using the vascular signature beneath their palm and are identified by matching five million-plus unique touchpoints.

Hughes Federal Credit Union deals with a host of vendors on a daily basis from the loan application process, vehicle valuators to card services. In fact, Hughes FCU's IT staff manages over 60 different applications in total. Rich talks to us about how Verifast solved the problem of an array of different credentials by simply scanning the palm. Thanks to Verifast, Hughes FCU has bolstered expediency of service, accountholder satisfaction, and the overall operation of their credit union.

After just one day of use, our employees commented how Verifast allows them to operate more efficiently, confidently and securely when logging into their workstations.

- Mary Burruel, Branch Operations Manager / Hughes Federal Credit Union



In the year that the bank has been using the palm scanners, no one using them has been locked out of their system. The bank has between 30 and 40 different templates deployed for the authentication devices. People in other departments became jealous and said “How can I get one of those?”

- William (Bill) Weber, CIO Susquehanna Community Bank, West Milton, PA


  • Reliable employee authentication: Verifast matches the employee vein pattern to a secure database to reliably authenticate the employee before granting access to a protected network, application or website
  • Improved employee productivity: Verifast SSO provides fast access to protected systems without the need to update, remember or manually type in passwords – simplifying employees' lives and giving them more time to interact with consumers
  • Increased IT staff productivity: Verifast eliminates the need for IT staff to devote time and resources to non-value-added password management and resets


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