Enterprise Payments Platform

Real-time. Instant. Digital. Secure. Any financial institution processing retail or corporate payments must address these consumer expectations to stay competitive. Providing a payments infrastructure that enables fast, reliable, extensible payments processing and connectivity, regardless of how and where you do it, is a necessity.

Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv enables financial institutions to simplify their payments infrastructure and deliver an effective payments strategy. We help you streamline payments workflows, modernize and replace legacy technology, and create new consumer products and services.

Enterprise Payments Platform delivers the infrastructure you need to meet today's expectations. These solutions offer fast, efficient payments processing for any and all payments types and clearing schemes, including ACH, wire and instant, such as SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) and The Clearing House (TCH) real-time payments, across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Fiserv offers on-premises or hosted solutions and can deliver them as plug-ins to existing legacy technology or as a complete modern payments platform. Our solutions scale up or down across volume and functional needs, and our open architecture allows us to quickly integrate with any upstream or downstream applications, such as fraud and AML – giving you complete visibility and control of the end-to-end payments flow.


Enterprise Payments Platform is ISO 20022 and SWIFT gpi-compliant and supports SWIFT Universal Confirmations.


Set the pace of your payments modernization

Address specific needs with point solutions or replace legacy solutions and consolidate onto a single, strategic payments platform, as your business dictates, leveraging a world-class feature set.

  • Open, real-time payments architecture facilitating growth and transformation
  • Streamlined workflow processing, clearing and settlement for all payment types and clearing schemes, reducing manual intervention and increasing straight-through processing (STP)
  • Out-of-the-box on day one, offering managed configuration on a world-class feature set for implementation success in months, not years
  • Rich set of application services upon which to quickly build new payments products for clients
  • Extensive experience with implementing payments transformation projects for banks of all sizes, including the world's largest and most complex

Enterprise Payments Platform Solutions

Enterprise Payments: High-Value Payments

Scalable solution capable of handling complex domestic and international high-value payments regardless of transaction volume.

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Enterprise Payments: Real-Time Payments

High performance, real-time payments processing for the RTP® network from The Clearing House (TCH).

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Enterprise Payments: Wire Payments

Highly scalable wire processing for financial institutions of all sizes, improving processing efficiency and significantly increasing STP rates for payments processing.

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Financial Messaging Using SWIFT

Fully managed, low-cost, high-speed SWIFT messaging service for affordable use of the SWIFT network's services and financial messages.

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A 360 Degree View of Your Treasury Operations

What are the emerging use cases for real-time payments? How are they leveraging a unified payments view to provide value-added products and services for their clients and their customers? Join our panel of Fiserv payments experts who will tackle these timely questions. 

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Insights: Continuing Your Payments Transformation Journey

Learn how Fiserv can help you create your own future-facing payments strategy.

Where Next for Payments?

David Chance, Vice President, Product Strategy & Innovation, Fiserv speaks to Finextra TV about the trends and innovations we are seeing in the payments ecosystem. 

Payments Data Insights Can Improve Liquidity Management, Forecasting

Andrew Bubbs, Director, Product Management, Fiserv speaks to Finextra TV on how financial institutions can apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve liquidity and create new products and services using payments data insights and tools. 

Strategies to Unlock The Value of Your Payments Infrastructure

Dudley White, SVP and Payments General Manager, Financial & Risk Management Solutions at Fiserv provides insights into what’s been on financial institutions' agenda this year, from protecting and growing revenue to managing payment infrastructure that meets compliance and strategic plans. Going forward, what will be the key trends and how should financial institutions respond?

Challenging Times Demand Flexible Solutions

With traditional revenue sources such as interest income and payment fees on the decline, banks and financial institutions are under pressure to rethink their revenue model while optimizing returns on any new investment. Alex Weaving, Vice President, Sales, Fiserv says that success will depend on how best financial institutions manage and optimize their payments investments.

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Making the Move to Real-Time Payments

Whether the preference is payments innovation or protecting existing business, analyzing payment systems and infrastructure can help financial institutions prepare to meet the demand for real-time payments.

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Request to Pay and the Promise of Digital End-to-End Payments

Request to Pay, together with instant payments and open banking, is revolutionizing digital payments. Our point-of-view paper takes a deeper dive into request to pay.

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Better Payments Systems Are the Future

Upgrade your regional bank payments capabilities, reduce costs and complexity and better serve retail and corporate customers with a payments hub.

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