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Enterprise Payments Platform

Adapt to a rapidly changing market with a single, centralized payments platform.


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    Streamline payments processing for all payment types and clearing schemes, including instant, low-value, high-value and cross-border payments on one platform.

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    Get the flexibility you need with a solution that allows integration of existing applications – from account processing to AML – with new payment initiatives and regulatory changes. 

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    Provide your customers with a seamless 360-degree view of payment activity while creating personalised digital experiences and offer value-added services.

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    Access the flexibility to implement on-premises, cloud or as a managed services, and delivered on time as full-featured platform or alongside existing technology.

Embrace real-time, secure and flexible payments across domestic and cross-border payments


Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv lets you process all payments – independent of channel, scheme and type – on a single, centralised platform and offers intelligent, automated payments processing.

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