Partner Advantage

As services grow more complex and the threat of fraud increases, ensure your consumers receive the best support and care. Partner Advantage™ from Fiserv provides financial institutions assistance in consumer care, fraud and risk, and with reporting needs and project and managed services.


Partner Advantage offers financial institutions a single source servicing strategy that enables you to provide a best-in-class experience to electronic bill pay consumers. Partner Advantage is a comprehensive suite of value-added products and services that includes:

  • Care Assist: Providing end-to-end consumer care while representing you and your brand
  • Risk Assist: Helping your institution to maintain compliance with federal regulations and supporting you in the fight against fraudulent activity
  • Insights Assist: Providing reporting and analytics necessary for you to make more knowledgeable business decisions
  • Project and Managed Services: Offering your institution the option to take advantage of dedicated support staff and additional projects based on your needs




Care Assist:

  • Enables you to service your consumers' needs with CheckFree® RXP®, CheckFree® Small Business, Zelle® and Corillian® Online, offering you savings in investment, technology and resources
  • Care Assist offers several levels of support based on your specific needs

Risk Assist:

  • Includes FraudNet™, which helps financial institutions proactively identify potential fraudulent threats, mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Incorporates other services, such as support with OCC Governance Reports, offering pre-paid fraud and risk support packages, and assisting with FraudNet alert queue management

Insights Assist:

  • Insights Assist offers reporting and key metrics obtainable through an online client support portal
  • Provides cost efficiency, a positive customer experience and added insights about your consumers' banking behaviors

Project and Managed Services:

  • Offers optional projects and engagements, such as dedicated support staff, that can be requested by your institution and implemented by Fiserv when applicable

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