Partner Advantage: Insights Assist

Partner Advantage: Insights Assist reporting solutions from Fiserv make it easy for financial institutions to access e-payments data and insights needed to grow their business.  


Insights Assist reporting solutions make it easy to get the level of data needed in a format that works best for financial institutions. Accessed through an online support portal, Client Connect, e-payments data is readily available and offers key metrics about consumer behavior. To provide the level of data needed to meet business needs, three reporting tiers are available: Essentials, Self Service and Custom Reports.

The Insights Assist Experience

Access Insights Assist e-payments reporting solutions through the Client Connect web portal which provides:

  • A user-friendly landing page
  • Graphical representation of data that simplifies the reporting process
  • Easy access to critical data 


Essentials: Complimentary standard reports provided to clients as part of their relationship with Fiserv.

Standard reports and monthly dashboard:

  • Are accessible via Client Connect
  • Display most frequently used data and key metrics
  • Offer more than 400 standard reports

Self Service: On-demand custom reporting tool that gives financial institutions the flexibility to create reports based on their unique needs.

  • Create custom reports from more than 200 fields using drag and drop functionality; easily share the report with others
  • Gather robust insights to inform powerful marketing strategies
  • Gain a better picture of who uses your products
  • Pull targeted email lists for marketing campaigns
  • Has a monthly subscriber fee

Custom: Develop and deliver custom reports as one-time requests or for delivery on a recurring basis.

  • Strategic Insights team provides custom-built reports and files and ad hoc data pulls based on requests that are more than what's included in the standard report package
  • Data results are used for audits, incidents, operations and business growth, etc.
  • Fee-based

Insights Assist reporting solutions make it easy to get the level of data and insights that financial institutions need to grow their business.


  • Monthly dashboard
  • Standard reports


  • Included/no fee
  • Custom reporting solution
  • Subscriber activity


  • Has a monthly subscriber fee
  • Custom reports and files
  • Ad-hoc extracts
  • Analytics engagement
  • Consulting services

  • Fee based

Insights Assist reporting tools help financial institutions understand how their consumers use e-payments products and identify consumer segments to target with marketing campaigns, driving deeper relationships. Fiserv provides free consumer marketing resources banks and credit unions can use to drive awareness and adoption.

These resources can be easily accessed through the online marketing portal, Impact Marketing.

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