Care Assist

Care Assist from Fiserv provides exceptional CheckFree® RXP®, CheckFree® Small Business, Zelle® and Corillian® Online support to your consumers, reducing churn and increasing revenues to your bottom line.


With consumer churn at an all-time high, financial institutions must find innovative ways to retain and grow their deposit base. The number one way to enhance and maintain these client relationships is to provide a premiere support experience for consumers.

Consumers look for tools that make financial transactions easy. They expect the same when they contact you for support. Care Assist is designed to service consumers' needs with CheckFree RXP, CheckFree Small Business, Zelle and Corillian Online, offering you savings in investment, technology and resources. Choose from several levels of support based on your specific needs.

Care Assist includes a comprehensive call center servicing strategy and solution that provides your consumers with access to knowledgeable associates through multiple contact channels, ensuring a positive and consistent consumer experience. With call centers across the U.S., Fiserv offers 24/7/365 support with best-in-class call center technology for guaranteed business continuity, quick scalability and a seamless extension of your brand.

This consumer care solution allows you to focus on core business activities while leveraging Fiserv expertise to strengthen consumers' loyalty and drive increased revenue.


By tailoring our services to your existing operations, Fiserv offers an ideal consumer experience across all of your contact channels with:

  • Optimal consumer experience: Fiserv leads the industry with our survey tools and consumer experience analytics to ensure we're providing the support your clients demand
  • Best-in-class technology: Our investment in industry-leading technology ensures our associates are optimally equipped to support consumer inquiries the first time, every time
  • Strict adherence to finance regulation and governmental policies: Your institution can focus on building market share knowing that we keep your consumer data safe with strict compliance to federal regulations such as SSAE 16 and Dodd-Frank
  • On-shore partner: Fiserv is more than a call center; we are your partner and are readily accessible to your team and consumers
  • Educational resources: More than an outsource partner, we provide resources to keep you and your consumers up-to-date on issues facing the banking industry through free educational programs
  • Expert service: As the company that designed the product, we're the best one to support it

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