Consumer and Commercial Credit

Consumer and Commercial Credit from Fiserv provides integrated credit card management services for your individual and business cardholders.


The complex needs of today's markets require servicing partners that can deliver efficiencies and true value across a client's entire enterprise. Our mix of products and technology provides a solid foundation upon which your financial institution can build and expand innovative card programs. The Fiserv consumer and commercial credit solution offers the flexibility, scalability and value desired to meet your current and future payment business needs.

Our credit solutions put convenience in the hands of your cardholders – both individual consumers and businesses.  Cardholders use the cards as a convenient payment method anytime and anywhere they need to pay.

Our credit services are available as either a credit gateway solution that leverages the Fiserv processing infrastructure, or a full-service solution where Fiserv manages credit processing for you.


  • Credit gateway: With our credit gateway solution, Fiserv acquires your credit transactions directly from Visa® or MasterCard® and forwards them to you – or your core processor – for host authorization. This approach essentially works the same way signature debit transactions are processed today. And credit gateway clients can also leverage all the ancillary services provided by Fiserv for their debit and ATM card portfolios
  • Full-service credit card processing: Our full service credit processing solution provides complete lifecycle management for credit card portfolios from origination to collection. Your organization will have full control over new account processing, cardholder billing and management, promotions, co-branding and much more. This customer-focused functionality gives your credit operation the competitive and profitable business edge you need. Our total credit management solution provides:
    • Account origination
    • Credit control
    • Authorization processing
    • Monetary and non-monetary transaction processing
    • Statement production
    • Call Center services
    • Back-office support
    • Collections
    • Fraud detection
    • Cardholder Internet services
    • Loyalty program

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