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Meeting consumers’ growing demands for convenient bill payment options is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Explore solutions that can help you mitigate risk, grow your business, and offer the cash and digital payment options consumers are looking for. 

Highlighted below is a series of webinars and articles to help you stay on top of bill payment trends and insights. Take a look at the resources and connect with us through the form below. 

Streamlining the Settlement Process 

Amy Kerin VP, Treasury & Platform Design, Bill Payment Solutions

As customer payment channels and payment type choices expand, the daily settlement function has become more complex, requiring additional expertise and bringing new risks to your cashflow and financial controls.


Opening the Blackbox on J.D. Power Satisfaction Scoring

Fran Falino, VP, Client Management, Fiserv Bill Payment Solutions and Michelle Ruiz, Managing Director, Consumer Insights, J.D. Power

Billing and payments make up nearly 20 percent of the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index. J.D. Power discusses the different componments and design of the satisfaction survey, how to use the tool to benchmark your progress against your competitiors and how to use the data to take action.


Pivotal Billing and Payment Strategies for Customer Satisfaction During the Pandemic and Beyond 

Jeff Conklin, J.D. Power VP and Utility practice lead and Fran Falino, VP, Client Management, Fiserv Bill Payment Solutions 

Get an inside look into J.D Power Customer Satisfaction Survey scoring for utilities. Identify actionable strategies involving billing and payments that can help improve customer satisfaction scores and enable customer payments during this time of unprecedented stress.

The Cash-Preferred Consumer and What They Mean for Your Business

Steve Ostroff VP, General Manager Walk-In & eBill, Bill Payment Solutions 

Despite the growing buzz around a cashless society, cash remains a go-to method for many customers. The cash-preferred segment should not be overlooked by merchants, particularly those who may not provide cash as a payment option.

Expanding Customer Payment Options: A Pandemic Response but Lasting Trend

Rob Houser SVP, Product Management & Strategy, Bill Payment Solutions T&D

One of the immediate effects of the pandemic was an acceleration of consumer preferences for digital payment options, strengthening the importance of offering different payment types to your customers.

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How Utilities Expanded Customer Payment Options in a Crisis

Rob Houser  SVP, Product Management & Strategy, Bill Payment Solutions Power Grid International

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolved from a health crisis to include a financial crisis, organizations across industries had to reevaluate key aspects of their business models to maintain critical cash flow.

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Consumers Want Hassle-Free In-Person Bill Pay

Steve Ostroff VP, General Manager Walk-In&eBill, Bill Payment Solutions Today's Grocer

Whether it's the reassurance and immediacy of an in-person transaction, convenience or a necessary service for the unbanked, walk-in bill payment solutions continue to be valued by many consumers. 

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Advance Your Customers' Bill Paying Experience

Rob Houser  SVP, Product Management & Strategy, Bill Payment Solutions Energy Central 

As consumers grow more comfortable using digital platforms to accomplish daily tasks, companies must adapt to the increasing demand of seamless experiences, especially when it comes to bill payment.

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Three Reasons to Optimize Treasury Management As Customer Payments Evolve

Amy Kerin VP, Treasury & Platform Design, Bill Payment Solutions Energy Central

Now is an ideal time to assess and future-proof your treasury management with lessons learned from the pandemic, such as offering a wide range of payment choices for your customers, optimizing your reconciliation process and ensuring that the right team is in place.

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Billing and Payment Security in the Age of COVID-19

Brenda Magri, VP Cyber Programs and Controls at Fiserv Energy Central 

Protecting data and financial systems is not just a job for security and IT departments; every employee plays a critical role on the front lines of your defense. With thorough training and consistent, comprehensive communications, employees can create a significant barrier against cyberattacks.

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