PEP+® from Fiserv makes ACH payment processing robust, automatic and efficient. The mainframe system's add-on modules help your bank drive new revenue, retain customers and lower risk.

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Financial institutions need to replace the inefficient manual processes that have been a hallmark of the ACH (automatic clearinghouse) network. At the same time, you have to process clients' ACH payments daily and protect them from fraud. The best way to safely automate the growing volumes of ACH payment transfers, ensure quick and efficient ACH payment processing, and bolster your bank's revenue is with PEP+ from Fiserv.

PEP+ is a high-powered mainframe system that allows your bank to automatically receive and originate electronic payments through the ACH network in a straight-through processing manner. It enables online ACH access so you can improve your customer service capabilities. The base version of PEP+ automates ACH edits and interfaces, scheduling and settlement.

PEP+ can be expanded with a comprehensive series of easy-to-integrate modules that let you offer customized ACH processing services to your clients, including ACH risk management, automated scheduling and arrival processing with early warning to exceptions, prefunding, electronic payment authorization and ACH positive pay, customer activity reporting, voice response and more. These modules are designed to create a strong return on your investment by growing your financial institution's revenue, driving customer retention and mitigating risk.


PEP+ automates almost every step in online ACH payment processing with a robust set of features. Take advantage of these features with seamlessly integrated PEP+ modules, which allow you to offer new value-add services to clients. These include: 

  • PEP+: NOC Manager: Automates monitoring, updating and managing NOC alerts for clients
  • PEP+: EPA (Electronic Payment Authorization) Positive Pay: Allows you to create ACH positive pay authorizations for your clients
  • PEP+: EWS (Early Warning System): Provides an immediate notification when an origination file physically arrives at your financial institution, which lets you notify customers of any errors that could cause the file to fail
  • Commercial OnBoardingTM ACH: Offers a single point of entry for corporate customer profile information to streamline the PEP+ onboarding process and provides security through secondary authorizations
  • PEP+: Dual Verification: Protects against fraud and ACH operator error by requiring secondary approvals for detail-, batch- and file-level changes
  • PaymentView ReportingTM ACH: Offers in-depth trend reporting analysis that enables you to mitigate operational risks
  • PEP+: International ACH Transactions: Enables your PEP+ solution to process international transactions just as you would any normal ACH transaction, quickly and efficiently

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