ACH Processing Services

Outsourced ACH Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements and Budget

A growing number of financial institutions are finding it easier, more economical and more efficient to turn over IT deployments to a service provider. As ACH (automated clearing house) processing becomes more complex, with an escalating volume of electronic payments, banks of all sizes are realizing tangible benefits from hosted ACH processing services.

ACH Processing Services from Fiserv is a hosted edition of PEP+®, an online, real-time solution for originating and receiving ACH electronic payments. ACH Processing Services delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end ACH payment processing solution without the technology investment. 

With a range of core processing functions and add-on modules, ACH Processing Services is designed to help your financial institution keep pace with processing technologies while controlling IT costs. You can manage your ACH banking and processing costs through predictable, per-item pricing as your ACH volumes increase and can easily add new PEP+ functionality incrementally as you need it.

Outsourcing complex ACH transactions enables you to offer new ACH product and service capabilities to your financial institution's clients as soon as the technology is available from Fiserv. Plus, ACH Processing Services keeps your institution up-to-date with evolving regulatory guidelines.

ACH Processing Services leverages PEP+ to efficiently handle ACH processes and ensure a comprehensive,
end-to-end solution:

  • Collection
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Posting to DDA and In-House Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Calendars
  • Balancing
  • Settlement
  • Cycle Processing
  • Statistics
  • General Reporting
  • Verification Reporting
  • Return Processing
  • Online Correction, Returns
  • Remakes

Deliver Efficient ACH Transactions

ACH Processing Services provides your financial institution a better way to cost-effectively process and deliver ACH transactions regardless of institution size or ACH transaction volumes.


Operational Efficiencies

  • Leverage leading-edge technology
  • Reduce capital expenditures and technology costs
  • Eliminate manual processes for improved productivity
  • Access 24/7 support from the industry experts of ACH processing


Risk Mitigation

  • Ensure compliance with changing NACHA rules and regulatory requirements
  • Gain advanced fraud detection and risk mitigation



Corporate Customer Value Add

  • Deliver new ACH services with a lower cost of entry
  • Enhance service and satisfaction 
  • Expand business offerings to meet market needs


ACH Processing Services Functionality

PEP+ provides a wide range of core functions and add-on modules to provide a complete, reliable solution for keeping pace with the escalating volume of electronic payments.


ACH Processing Services

See how we combine industry-leading PEP+ technology and our third-party expertise in a hosted solution for originating and receiving ACH electronic funds transfers with operational efficiency, risk management and customer experience in mind.

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