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Get a comprehensive, end-to-end ACH payment processing solution without the technology investment and management commitment with hosted ACH Processing Services from Fiserv. 

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Cutting-Edge ACH Processing

Outsource your ACH payment processes to control operating costs and increase efficiency.

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A growing number of financial institutions are finding it easier, more economical and more efficient to turn over IT deployments to a service provider. As ACH (automatic clearinghouse) processing becomes more complex, with an escalating volume of electronic payments, banks of all sizes are realizing tangible benefits from hosted ACH processing services. ACH payment processing offers a comprehensive range of core ACH processing functions and add-on modules that will help your bank keep pace with processing technologies while controlling IT costs.



ACH Processing Services is a hosted edition of PEP+®, an online, real-time solution for originating and receiving ACH electronic payments. The base offering includes online access, automated settlement, edits and interfaces, scheduling, operational security, multi-institutional processing, fraud detection, debit authorization and protection, reporting and more. You can enhance the core offering by subscribing to additional PEP+ services, such as stop pay billing, automated debit return, NOC management and corporate customer self-service. By subscribing to ACH Processing Services, you can manage your ACH banking and processing costs through predictable, per-item pricing as your ACH volumes increase, and you can add new PEP+ functionality incrementally as you need it.

By outsourcing complex ACH transactions to an ACH processing company, you can offer new ACH product and service capabilities to your bank's clients as soon as the technology is available from Fiserv. Also, ACH Processing Services keeps your bank up-to-date with evolving regulatory guidelines.



ACH Processing Services offers a comprehensive set of ACH payment processes for a true end-to-end solution, including:

  • PEP+ ASAP (Automated Scheduler and Arrival Processor): Automatically matches up an incoming ACH file to the correct elements in the PEP+ database, eliminating an error-prone manual process and improving risk management
  • PEP+ EWS (Early Warning System): Recognizes potential processing problems during the file arrival process and allows you to respond to exceptions before collecting files into the system
  • PEP+ ERM (Extended Retention Module): Stores distributed entries long enough to allow the system to automatically handle returns that arrive after the originals would have been purged
  • PEP+ CAR (Customer Activity Reporting): Lets you quickly send detailed transaction reports to your corporate clients for reconciling ACH transactions
  • PEP+ Risk Management: Monitors ACH origination exposure data across a customer's ACH relationship
  • PEP+ Dual Verification: Enables you to perform dual verification for online warehouse request codes for additional security
  • PEP+ EPA (Electronic Payment Authorization): Helps your customers eliminate the risk of unauthorized debits to their accounts by establishing pre-authorized payment records in the database

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