Deposit Growth

To keep growing and remain competitive, financial institutions need to connect the consumer trust they've built to the technology and digital options people expect today

From first jobs through retirement, the financial services you offer are central to your customers' lives. But a shifting deposit landscape is altering how consumers are looking for and securing financial services.

Mobile and digital devices now dominate banking behaviors. The competition now includes Fintechs and other nontraditional financial services providers. Some of these are well positioned to attract customers to the digital banking space.

Deposit strategies are changing to align with this shifting landscape. Successfully acquiring deposits today requires more emphasis on data and analytics, and the ability to respond accordingly. This is what allows you to create the customer experience your market needs right now 


Differentiate With Product Portfolio Optimization

Product Portfolio Optimization from Fiserv helps you identify, quantify and prioritize opportunities across your entire landscape to develop stronger customer relationships and increase wallet share.

Central Bank Makes Informed, Data-backed Decisions to Grow Business

Central Bank wanted to spend less time collecting data and more time making informed, data-backed decisions to grow its business. The bank implemented BankAnalyst® from Fiserv to help develop effective strategies for improving profitability, expanding the franchise, growing earnings and managing risk.

Solve Deposit Growth Infographic

With a strong economy and increasing loan demand, many financial institutions are focused on how to retain and increase deposits. This infographic provides industry statistics and areas of focus.

Successful deposit growth is not a single department responsibility,
it's an enterprise-wide goal.

Fiserv offers a comprehensive approach that enables you to be a part of the customer journey like never before. When consumers see you raise the bar in the market and stand out from the competition, you're able to maximize deposit growth now and continue growing in the future. Regardless of budget, complexity, resources or size, Fiserv offers the tools and expertise to help you capture more deposit dollars.

Our approach to deposit growth is built around an ecosystem comprised of six key elements: analysis, origination, core, open banking, marketing and training. We can support you in every aspect including account processing, deposit operations, data optimization, digital channels and real-time alerts. This enables Fiserv to offer an end-to-end solution suite to maximize deposit growth. 

Deliver Powerful and Engaging Experiences 

By taking advantage of the breadth and power of the Fiserv ecosystem, you can become a trusted partner in the customer journey to a digital financial experience. Close the gap between trusted advisor and Fintech leader with products that can help you: 

Create more intuitive and
frictionless experiences

Pursue new business models to accelerate growth and expansion

Use your data to uncover ways to efficiently run every aspect of your business


Optimize technology and

Create confidence with enhanced
compliance and risk management

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