Digital Storage

Digital document delivery services from Fiserv help you easily and securely archive and deliver high-volume e-documents, including statements, bills, EOBs, tax documents, reports and other transactional communications.


Providing storage and delivery, Digital Document Advantage can help you improve customer engagement and loyalty while reducing costs streamlining business processes, and maintaining security and compliance.

We work to understand your customer requirements and implement the most effective balance of print and electronic presentment strategies.


  • Digital storage: Generate electronic documents for all customers, even those who have not yet enrolled, to ensure that customers will have their entire document history available immediately when they do enroll
  • Secure archiving: Our digital services operate in a best-of-breed, high-availability infrastructure, and provide 18 or more months of online history, which can help you retain customers and build loyalty. Our web hosting environment provides the physical requirements to keep mission-critical servers secure
  • Secure access: Customer service representatives have real-time access to download and reprint replicas of printed documents, such as reports, logs, usage statistics and system health information, via our administrative portal. This promotes quick resolution to customer inquiries, such as initiative enrollment and preference changes. Representatives also have flexible access via SSO from your portals or via direct log on
  • System capabilities: Include metadata tagging and support for a variety of input file formats: PDF, AFP, line data and others

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