Electronic Document Services

Electronic document delivery services from Fiserv help you easily and securely archive and deliver high volume e-documents including health statements, bills, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), reports and other transactional communications.


Healthcare payers and providers are looking at electronic bill presentment and payment as a top priority more than ever. This move toward electronic delivery of member bills and statements drives cost reduction strategies, improves efficiency of member communications and encourages a superior member experience.

Fiserv offers highly secure electronic document solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems. Our full suite of proven products and services enable reliable and secure storage, and retrieval and distribution of business-critical documents. Data is securely hosted in an NIST-, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant facility.

A Quick Return on Your Investment

By leveraging our technology and professional services through a hosted solution, you can achieve the benefits of electronic document delivery while minimizing your investment in development, integration, web hosting and security.



  • Statements, bills and EOBs can be delivered to members via secure email. Our full service solution features enrollment options to maximize paperless adoption, robust bounce/exception handling, and secure applications and processes, including strong data encryption


  • Our eArchive solution provides cost-effective, compliant and secure storage of your electronic documents using high-volume CD/DVD-ROM archive services. Data is protected by NIST standard DocSafe encryption. We offer support for complex service, data handling and shipping requirements

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