Loan Director Flex

Loan Director Flex from Fiserv is a part of the OriginateSM Loans suite of products, a fully digital, mobile-first, cloud-based loan origination solution that supports consumer credit card, unsecured, auto purchase and refinancing, and equity loans.

Solutions for your borrowers

Loan Director Flex provides a mobile-first solution tailored to your borrowers' needs. Whatever credit or lending solution prospects are looking for, Loan Director Flex makes it quick, easy and convenient for applicants to apply 24/7 from anywhere.

A seamless, integrated experience

Loan Director Flex seamlessly integrates the pre-qualified cross-selling function in Deposit Director Flex to create a new stream of loans. When coupled with Loan Director, you can automate and streamline the underwriting and onboarding process of these new loans, giving you an efficient lending process tailored to your business needs.   

With the Originate suite of solutions, including Loan Director Flex, Deposit Director Flex and Loan Director, you can ensure a smooth, efficient experience from the moment an applicant applies until the deposit or loan is booked.


Features that enhance the borrowing experience

User-friendly experience
Meets borrower expectations 24/7 by making it quick, easy and convenient to apply

Multiple loan types
Supports consumer credit cards, home equity, auto, refinance and unsecured loans

Seamless integration 
Integrates with Deposit Director Flex and Loan Director to enhance usability

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